Set up a business in Turkey is easier than you think. The main reason for this is the support provided to entrepreneurs by the Republic of Turkey. In addition to government support, you may even receive special incentives from some large companies.

We would like to share with you both our own experiences and new developments about set up a business in Turkey. In this way, we can also provide information about registering a company in Turkey for foreigners.

Research and Development Grants: Boosting Innovation and Technological Advancement

R&D grants offer very advantageous opportunities for set up a business in Turkey. State-supported and private companies give many grants within the scope of starting a business in Turkey. Accordingly, the following stand out among the known and most preferred R&D grants:

  • Startup Grants for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Incentives for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Project Based R&D Supports
  • Brand Development Grants Offered by the Ministry of Commerce
  • State Supports for Technological Studies

There are many support programs provided by the government, especially when it comes to technological initiatives. For example, promotion and marketing support is also provided to develop the technology within the borders of Turkey and market it to different countries.

Special Investment Zones: Tailored Incentives for Specific Industries

We discussed the main channels for supporting business establishment in Turkey and the fields that offer the most incentives as Business Opportunities in Turkey.

Set Up a Business in Turkey Sectors That Can Receive Government SupportSet Up a Business in Turkey Sectors That Can Receive Special Support
Health TourismTourism
Technology and SoftwareChemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmacy and MedicineCrypto Investments
Construction MaterialsJewelry

Each of the sectors we mentioned above is one of the leading ideas for set up a business in Turkey. All these sectors are supported by both the government and some large companies.

Export Promotion Programs: Expanding Your Reach to International Markets

It is easier than you think to grow your ventures, such as set up a small business in Turkey in a short time. For this, you need to understand the geopolitical importance of Turkey’s location. As you know, Turkey is a country that has access to both European and Asian continents and acts as a bridge. Therefore, establishing a business in Turkey can offer advantages such as cooperating with many countries.

For example, establishing a company in Istanbul can reach both the Balkan countries and Central Asia. In addition, you can start commercial activities in Europe and Eurasia. In fact, the Turkish state always supports companies and brands that want to expand abroad.

You can contact us for both government incentives and all other advantages related to set up a business in Turkey. As Atlas Legal Partners, we support setting up a business in Turkey Istanbul and all other provinces.

Infrastructure Development Projects: Leveraging Government Investments for Growth

As we mentioned before, there is a lot of government support for entrepreneurs who want to invest or start a business in Turkey. In particular, some institutions established within the Ministry of Commerce offer important incentives within the scope of R&D. If you are concerned about the cost to set up company in Turkey, you can benefit from the incentives provided by the government.

Training and Apprenticeship Programs: Accessing a Skilled Workforce

People who want to start a business in Turkey can also get support from qualified employees. For example, you can find qualified employees who graduated from many vocational training programs opened by the state. Such educational programs are provided completely free of charge by the state. In this way, it is aimed at the young population in Turkey to acquire qualified professions. Of course, this sensitivity also helps those establishing new companies benefit from young and qualified employees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Set up a Business in Turkey

In this article, we discussed the support for set up a business in Turkey. In addition, we would like to answer other questions about the subject.

Can a Foreigner Set up a Business in Turkey?

Turkey is a country that supports foreign investors and entrepreneurs. As a foreign national, you can also benefit from the business start-up and investment incentives Turkey offers.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business in Turkey?

Entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business frequently ask questions like these. You can always benefit from incentives given by the government or private companies to start a business. In this way, you can take important steps towards starting a business even if you have little capital.

Which Business Is Profitable in Turkey?

When starting a business in Turkey, you can generally choose sectors such as tourism, technology or e-commerce. In addition, you can also focus on fields such as pharmacy or design.