There are many options for young entrepreneurs in business opportunities in Turkey. In addition, foreign investors can also evaluate the best business opportunities in Turkey. As a foreign entrepreneur, you can make breakthroughs in the sector you want to be in, especially among these opportunities that have increased in recent years.

In this article, we will discuss the critical points you need to know about business opportunities in Turkey and share the details that are especially important for English speakers.

1- Strategic Location and Access to Global Markets: Connecting East and West for Business Opportunities in Turkey

Business opportunities in Turkey for foreigners offer advantageous options in many aspects. Chief among these advantages is Turkey’s geopolitical value. As you know, Turkey is a bridge between both Asia and Europe. Therefore, this enables people doing business in Turkey to be connected to many countries.

Foreign nationals who start a business or become investors in Turkey can also make commercial agreements with regions such as:

  • Middle East
  • Asia Minor
  • Balkan Countries
  • European Countries
  • North African Countries
  • Caucasian Countries
Business Opportunities in Turkey

2- Thriving Economy and Promising Investment Opportunities: Diverse Sectors for Growth

There are many sectors of business ideas in Turkey. So, as a young entrepreneur, Turkey can offer you advantageous choices when you want to start a new business. For example, almost every commercial sector can be included among startup business opportunities in Turkey.

Major Sectors Providing Business Opportunities in TurkeyNew Sectors Providing Business Opportunities in Turkey
Finance and EconomicsCryptocurrency
TextileInternet Technologies
Health SectorArchitecture and Design

All the sectors mentioned above are at the top of the list of major business opportunities in Turkey. As you have noticed, you only need to have a little capital for some sectors. You can grow in a short time and even make breakthroughs in Turkey, which stands out with its business start-up advantages.

3- Business-Friendly Government Policies and Incentives: Encouraging Foreign Investment

There is a lot of support provided by the Republic of Turkey for both business and investment opportunities in Turkey. Even foreign business people or investors can benefit from these supports. So much so that the government organizes incentive packages to support foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

As Atlas Legal Partners, we provide information about all legal regulations and privileges for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Thus, we help you benefit from all government policies that support starting a business.

4- Cultural Richness and Cosmopolitan Lifestyle: A Welcoming Environment for Expats

As a foreign national considering starting a business and residing in Turkey, you can always encounter a hospitable approach. Turkey, already a multicultural state, is also quite inclusive of foreign nationals. Therefore, the cosmopolitan structure will not make you feel like a stranger when doing business in this country.

Foreign tourists prefer Turkey because of its hospitable and helpful cultural structure. Therefore, you can choose Turkey to start a business as an entrepreneur or businessperson.


5- Cost-Effective Business Operations: Lower Costs Compared to Western Europe

Opportunities such as business for sale in Turkey are always affordable compared to other countries. In addition, Turkey provides advantages in terms of other commercial breakthroughs. In this way, you can have a little capital in the first place when doing business in our country. Many foreign business people also state that Turkey is one of the best countries in terms of cost-effective commercial activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We shared with you the advantages of conducting commercial activities in Turkey as an English speaker. In addition, we would like to answer other popular questions on the subject.

Which Business Opportunities in Turkey Are Most Profitable?

As we have mentioned before, it is possible to start a business in many sectors in Turkey. The leading sectors are undoubtedly e-commerce, architecture, health and tourism.

Which City Is the Best to Start a Business in Turkey?

Of course, the first city preferred by foreign nationals who want to start a business in Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul, a cosmopolitan metropolis, is one of the most popular cities in the world. In addition, cities such as Izmir, Antalya, Eskişehir or Ankara can also offer suitable opportunities for people who want to start a business.

Can I Start a Small Business in Turkey?

Of course. Foreign nationals who want to establish a small business in Turkey can start by receiving the necessary consultancy services. As Atlas Legal Partners, we support all foreign nationals who want to start a business in Turkey.