It would not be wrong to say that foreign investors in Turkey have some advantages and privileges. So much so that there are advantages such as residence permits and citizenship rights granted to foreign nationals who dream of investing in Turkey. Therefore, especially in recent years, many foreign investors and entrepreneurs prefer Turkey.

In this article, we wanted to compile the details you need about foreign investors in Turkey. We will look at the incentive packages provided to foreign investors and make the necessary statement on the subject.

Tax Exemptions and Grants for Specific Industries: Boosting Your Bottom Line

Some incentive packages have been organized within the scope of foreign investors in Turkey. These incentives, which are valid for Turkey investors, include some taxes. Here are the taxes that are included in the foreign investment policy of Turkey and provide exemptions:

Taxes Not Collected from Investment Incentive GoodsTaxes Collected from Investment Incentive Goods
Customs Duty ExemptionSome Additional Financial Obligations
Value Added Tax (KDV)Anti-Dumping Taxation System
Additional Customs Duty ExemptionSpecial Consumption Tax (ÖTV)
Resource Utilization Support FundStamp Duty
Invest Investment Financial Income Profit Costs Concept

Double Taxation Treaties and Benefits: Avoiding Tax Burdens

The issue of double taxation is a problem that must be addressed within the scope of foreign investors in Turkey. The double tax exemption, which was brought to the agenda with the steps of Foreign Relations of Turkey, continues to be applied to foreign investors. In this way, foreign investors can be relieved of some tax burdens.

Within the scope of Turkey’s Income Tax Law, different countries have been signed double taxation avoidance agreements. Thus, it is possible for investors who earn income in both countries to be included in only one tax system.

The countries with which Turkey has signed double taxation agreements include:

  • The USA
  • Germany
  • Albania
  • Austria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • France
  • Italy
  • Egypt
  • Netherland
  • India
  • The UK
  • Sweden
  • Japan

There are 11 more countries in these agreements, which are important for foreign investors in Turkey. However, today, agreement negotiations with these eleven countries continue. As Atlas Legal Partners, we offer you the necessary consultancy support within the scope of foreign investors in Turkey. You can also get information about foreign investment opportunities in Turkey by consulting us.

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Free Trade Zones and Investment Programs: Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Thanks to Turkey’s free trade zones, you can make your international investments profitably and be exempt from some taxes. Today, there are 21 free trade zones in Turkey. In this way, you can engage in foreign trade in our country and receive equal treatment with all regional brands or companies.

Infrastructure Development and Government Support: Building a Strong Investment Climate

There are also many government regulations for foreign investors in Turkey. Each regulation offers an incentive to the investor. Foreign investors in the Republic of Tüurkey can benefit from these incentives.

Thanks to these incentives and advantages we have discussed within the scope of foreign direct investment Turkey 2023, your investments can gain value without any problems.

Case Studies of Successful Incentive Utilization: Learning from Real-World Examples

When it comes to top foreign investors in Turkey, many companies or brands can be listed. You do not need to wait any longer to be in these lists of the largest foreign investors in Turkey. For example, technology companies such as Tesla and Space X, among the most successful companies in the world, are among the biggest investors in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Investors in Turkey

We have presented you with some necessary data about the incentives and advantages for investors in Turkey. In addition, we would also like to answer popular questions about the subject.

Who Are the Top Foreign Investors in Turkey?

Of course, Germany and France are among the leading countries providing investment to Turkey. In addition, it finds itself on the list as a solid investor for Turkey in the USA.

Is Foreign Investment Allowed in Turkey?

Of course. The Republic of Turkey is one of the most frequented countries for foreign investors, and the Turkish government offers numerous incentive packages.

Which Country Invests the Most in Turkey?

It would be possible to answer this question by naming two countries. Germany and France are among the leading countries investing in Turkey.