Insurance providers in Turkey can offer you positive options to protect your assets. At this point, your responsibility is to find the best insurance provider. We are preparing a guide for you regarding the best providers within the scope of Turkey insurance market.

This article explains what criteria you should look for when choosing insurance providers in Turkey. In this way, you can easily protect and secure your assets.

No Dice for Disaster: Proactive Insurance Strategies for Peace of Mind in Turkey

Insurance is the assurance of possible losses of a person or company. In other words, it is possible to eliminate any damages you may encounter thanks to insurance. For example, let’s assume you are an entrepreneur investing in Turkey. In this case, wouldn’t you like to secure both your investments and your company? If your answer is yes, you can consider the following criteria to protect your assets:

  • Insurance company customer service quality
  • Whether the policy terms are suitable for you
  • The amount of premiums you have to pay for insurance
  • The insurance company always follows a constructive policy

The above criteria are intended to help you find the most reliable insurance provider. Almost every insurance provider in the top 10 insurance companies in Turkey list offers these criteria.

Comparing Coverage Options and Premiums: Finding the Best Value for Your Investment

Insurance providers in Turkey are tasked with offering the best value in many aspects. You can take the first step by deciding what type of insurance you need to secure your investments.

Insurance providers in Turkey generally offer you these types of insurance:

Insurance Providers in TurkeyInsurance Options
State-Affiliated BanksLife Insurance, Financial Insurance, etc.
Banks with Private InvestorsLife Insurance, Financial Insurance
Turkish Insurance CompaniesLife Insurance, Financial Insurance, Earthquake Insurance and Car Insurance
International Insurance CompaniesLife Insurance, Financial Insurance, Earthquake Insurance and Car Insurance

We have included the services offered by insurance providers in Turkey in the table above. The insurance sector in Turkey continues to develop and renew every day. Therefore, in order to access the most up-to-date data, you can get consultancy services from Atlas Legal Partner.

Choosing The Best and Powerful Insurance Providers in Turkey

Financial Stability and Claims Payment History: Choosing a Reputable Insurance Company

Let’s talk about how you should choose among insurance providers in Turkey. When you browse the internet, you can see many lists of insurance companies in Turkey. But which of these insurance providers do you think best suits your criteria and interests? The first thing you need to do is decide what you will protect and secure. For example, if you have investments in real estate, you should have DASK, which is earthquake insurance. It is already mandatory to have earthquake insurance in Turkey.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive insurance service, we recommend looking at banks or private insurance companies. For example, to secure your financial assets, you can receive insurance services from the bank where you have your account.

You can also consider criteria such as the following when choosing among insurance providers in Turkey:

  • Reliability of the insurance company
  • The quality offered by the company or institution
  • Payment rates of insurance premiums
  • General activities of the company or institution
Choosing The Best and Powerful Insurance Providers in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Providers in Turkey

In this article, we provide you with detailed information about insurance providers in Turkey. In addition, we would like to answer frequently asked questions on the subject.

Which Are the Best Insurance Providers in Turkey for Foreigners?

Banks and some international insurance companies offer the most appropriate assurance. In addition, it may be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Turkey’s largest insurance companies.

Can a Foreigner Get Health Insurance in Turkey?

Of course, foreign nationals can also have health insurance in Turkey. For this, you need to choose the insurance company or institution that is most suitable for you.

Why Is Healthcare So Cheap in Turkey?

Health services in Turkey are always affordable. Those with health insurance are entitled to free examinations in many hospitals or clinics. If you have complementary health insurance, you can even benefit from free healthcare services in private hospitals.