Atlas Legal Partners offers you all the services you need regarding family law. Our company always produces the most rational solutions for issues such as divorce cases and child custody. Especially as foreign nationals, you can contact us to get information about Turkish family law.

What Is Family Law Definition? (Divorce Lawsuits)

Family law meaning is all the legal steps created and developed regarding the family. Accordingly, the family institution, which is the smallest building block of society, is protected under the law. In addition, issues such as divorce or child custody are other concepts included in family law.

As Atlas Legal Partners, we also serve you in family-related legal situations. Our expert lawyers in our company offer you legal support based on the principles of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, we can provide you with the necessary service within the scope of international law as well as the Turkish legal system.

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What Cases Does Family Law Cover?

In the Turkish legal system, some cases fall within the scope of family law. We wanted to tabulate these cases as follows:

Divorce LawsuitsMarried couples file divorce lawsuits to terminate the institution of marriage.
Family Law Child Custody and Alimony CasesDivorced couples also have the right to file a custody or alimony lawsuit against each other.
Adoption CasesCouples who want to adopt can terminate the rights of biological parents by filing a lawsuit.
Inheritance and Property Sharing CasesSuch cases can be filed between both couples in the divorce phase and relatives.

Why is Family Law Important in Turkey?

Family law rules are very important in Turkey. This is because the family has an important place in Turkish culture. Therefore, in order to protect the family institution, family law was developed as a subheading within the Turkish Civil Code.

  • All legal details regarding the basis of the family are included in this legal system.
  • Divorce lawsuits also fall within the scope of this law.
  • This method should also be used for cases such as child abuse.
  • Domestic violence cases also fall within the scope of this law.

What Do Divorce Lawsuits Mean? (Family Law in Turkey)

Divorce lawsuits meaning is the first step taken to end a marriage with legal conditions. Accordingly, couples have the right to file for divorce, whether consensually or contested. Consensual divorce lawsuits are when both parties agree on the divorce. On the other hand, contested divorce lawsuits occur when both or one of the parties cannot reach an agreement on the divorce.

Which Causes Divorce Lawsuits?

Divorce lawsuits are a step taken by married couples to part ways in order to resolve disagreements within the family. Nowadays, you can use the following reasons to file for a divorce case:

  • Cheating or abandonment by one of the partners
  • Adultery
  • Insults or domestic violence situations
  • Economic reasons
  • Emotional or economic violence

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law and Divorce Lawsuits

We have presented you with what you need to know about family law, one of the most basic concepts of law. In addition, as Atlas Legal Partners, we provide you with all the legal support you request in this field. In particular, we provide the necessary support for foreign nationals to understand Turkish family law.

We would like to answer the most curious and frequently asked questions on the subject in this section.

1- What Is a Family Law Attorney in Turkey?

It is the title given to lawyers who handle cases related to family law. These people are law school graduates and experts who have gained proficiency in this field. As Atlas Legal Partners, we also offer you legal services in this field. Our lawyers working in our company are responsible for providing you with legal support in every field you request.

2- Who Gets Custody of Child in Turkey?

Both parents have custody rights until their children reach the age of 18. If there is a divorce, a decision is made according to the child’s age and environment. Custody of babies is given to the mother unless proven otherwise. Of course, the judge reaches a decision by taking into account many factors in custody cases.

3- How Much Does It Cost to Get Divorce in Turkey?

Divorce cases in Turkey are generally affordable based on attorney fees. However, the fee you have to pay may increase due to some factors related to the litigation process. You may have to pay high amounts, especially in contested divorce cases.

4- Can a Woman Divorce Her Husband in Turkey?

Of course. The Turkish Civil Code is a modern regulation that provides women with the right to divorce. Thanks to this law, adopted in 1926, women could end marriages in which they were unhappy. In addition, thanks to the Civil Code, women were also given inheritance and voting rights. In Turkish law, equality between men and women is always fundamental.